Alan Wake
Alan Wake is finally back on Steam. Remedy made the big announcement earlier today via Twitter. The company notes that Microsoft even helped them out when it came to renegotiating the rights to the licensed music that resulted in the game getting pulled in the first place.

The return to Steam is met with a massive sale that drops the price to just $3 (USD). Even if you aren't a huge fan of the genre, you kind of shouldn't pass this up for just 3 bucks. I largely didn't like Alan Wake but even I'm telling you it's a steal at $3.

This sale price won't last forever though. You have until November 1 to pick Alan Wake on Steam for $3. You can also just pick up the Alan Wake Collector's Edition for $4. Or if you want to be a real big spender, you can get the Alan Wake franchise for a massive total of $5. The franchise pack includes Alan Wake, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, and all of the Collector's Edition extras like developer commentary videos, an illustrated PDF book, and the game's soundtrack.

As for the return to the Xbox Marketplace? Well, that's apparently happening "very soon." I imagine we'll see it some time next week.