HITMAN 2 Sean Bean elusive target
Sean Bean just cannot catch a break. The actor seems to be destined to play roles in which his character is killed off in one way or another. He has already met his end in films like GoldenEye and Lord of the Rings, or even the TV series Game of Thrones. Those are just the quick ones off the top of my head. According to ShortList, Bean has another 20+ films in which his character is killed off. The guy just can't catch a break, so who better to be the first elusive target in HITMAN 2 than him?

Nobody, that's who. Alright, maybe there are some others who have been killed off more often but Bean's deaths have become a running joke at this point and it's clear he's embracing it.

Sean Bean will play the character Mark Faba, also known as "The Undying." Bean will make his HITMAN debut on November 20, just one week after HITMAN 2 is released. The elusive target event will run for ten days and will be free to everyone that owns the game.