Devil May Cry 5
Over the weekend, the Internet lost its collective mind, as it tends to do, over Bowsette Peachowser the revelation that Devil May Cry 5 will have microtransactions. These microtransactions will allow you to get a bunchy of Red Orbs, the series equivalent to experience orbs. The microtranactions are there as a way to fast-track your ability to unlock new moves in the game.

GameSpot first noticed the microtransactions during some hands on time with Devil May Cry 5 during the Tokyo Game Show. They asked the game's director Hideaki Itsuno what the deal was with them.

Seems fair. Devil May Cry 4 had them and for some reason nobody got all up in arms about that. At the very least, they were never as much of an issue as the ones for Devil May Cry 5 seem to be for some fans.

It's largely a single player game. Sure, there is some talk about multiplayer but it's not competitive, so who gives a crap if someone else has a move or two that you don't? You shouldn't care and here's why.

DualShockers also went hands on with the game and here was their takeaway. They managed to get down some actual numbers as it applies to how many Red Orbs a typical player can earn in a level just by playing.

So you can theoretically earn roughly between 40,000 to 60,000 Red Orbs in a level. Is that good? Is it bad? Well, they continue on to provide a breakdown of how much each in-game purchase will cost you in terms of Red Orb amounts.

Hey, look at that. There's a whole lot of teeth grating outrage over a whole lot of nothing. Who could have ever seen that coming from a gaming community? I'm sure with this outrage lessened gamers will now just migrate towards the next thing to get irrationally mad about.