The Crew 2
Today, The Crew 2 was updated to patch 1.0.3. Normally, patches are a good thing because they tend to introduce bug fixes. This update is no exception. However, there was a change included in this patch that are making some fans rather upset.

One of the patch notes says that they have "increased fame needed per iconic level." Yep, the grind to level up just got more grindy and fans are pissed. In the Reddit thread about the update, the top comments are focusing on this single changelog item.
"[Balancing] Increased fame needed per iconic level."

Yeah, more farming. Thank you!!!


That was the most odd "fix" in these notes. There are like what, 9990 levels? People myself included have put in over 100 hours of just normal playing without trying to exploit fan gains and we haven't even hit Icon 200 yet.

So... of all this, the big thing worthy of note is making the game even more hilariously grindy.


You get the idea. Apparently, the issue with this is that once you "beat" the main events of the game there really isn't anything else to do to earn new rewards outside of grinding out new levels. All players can do is replay old events in hopes of earning more "Followers" to raise their Icon Level to get new loot.