Last week it was revealed that Donald Trump and select members of the game industry would meet to talk about how violent video games are corrupting the nation's youth. Today, that meeting took place.

In addition to Trump, others in attendance included Senator Marco Rubio (R-Florida), Representative Vicky Hartzier (R-Missouri), and Representative Martha Roby (R-Alabama). Those from the gaming industry in attendance were Strauss Zelnick (Take-Two), Brent Bozell (Rockstar Games), Lt. Col. Dave Grossman (Media Research Center), Patricia Vance (author of On Killing: The Psychological Cost of Learning to Kill in War and SocietyCall of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, various Fallout clips, various Wolfenstein clips (Editor's Note: I would like to believe these made Trump particularly uncomfortable), and clips from games like Dead by Daylight, The Evil Within, and the Sniper Elite franchise.

While the video played, Trump reportedly remarked about how violent the scenes were. Melissa Henson said that she was unable to identify any of the games in the clips. Henson did release a prepared statement that said the following.

That's a very bold stance to take when these games are available around the world yet it's only the United States that seems to have an issue with gun violence. I wonder why that is. It is also important to note here that the Parents Television Council ranked violent media (games, movies, and TV) behind guns and mental health as leading contributors to gun violence.

But no, let's focus on the games.