Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition was announced very early this morning for a March 6 release date. The game will be coming to you via Steam, Origin, and the Windows 10 Store. Also of special note today is the announcement of the Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Both of these versions of the game are fairly identical in terms of the content they will offer to those who purchase.
The special editions feature the base game and over 20 game add-ons / DLC (downloadable content), as well as new features including an expanded map of Insomnia with new enemies and side quests and a first-person camera mode.


It should be noted that the Final Fantasy XV Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades obviously requires an Internet connection and subscriptions to either Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus if you're playing the game on consoles.

Square Enix has also announced that a benchmark tool for the PC version will be out on February 1. The minimum, recommended, and 4K HDR specs can be found below.

  Minimum Specs Recommended Specs 4K HDR Specs
OSCPUGraphics CardMain Memory 8GB 16GB 16GB
Screen Resolution 720p 1080p 4K(2160p)
Hard Disc Free Space on SSD OVER 100GB OVER 155GB
Sound Card DirectX 11
Other DVD-ROM/DVD-ROM Drive*, mouse, keyboard, gamepad**
*A DVD-ROM Drive (one-sided 1 layer / 2 layer) is required
**Game is compatible with gamepad but not required
There are also some special pre-order bonuses for the Windows Edition of Final Fantasy XV. All PC versions will be $49.99 (USD).