This past week, the various Resident Evil social media channels, such as Twitter and Facebook, updated with a new logo. It's so new that it's actually old, as in it's very reminiscent of the original Resident Evil logo from the original release of the first three games back on the PlayStation. Specifically, it looks a lot like the font and style used for the very first Resident Evil game back in 1996.

For you youngsters out there that don't know there was a "PlayStation" before there was a PlayStation 3 or even a PlayStation 2, it's time for a little blast from the past. This was the logo for the original Resident Evil release.


Look at that magnificent box art. Just marvel at its beauty. It's glorious. But it also shows how similar it is to the new logo they're using everywhere.

What does it mean? Well, I'm not sure. If it was a tease for the currently in development Resident Evil 2 Remake, you would think they would make the logo look closer to the one used for Resident Evil 2's original release, right? You can see that below.


The Resident Evil 2 Remake has technically been in development now for over two years. It stands to reason that we might start to see something about it soon.

Perhaps the new social media logo is just a red herring. Added to make us all think that Capcom has something else planned when in reality it was added just because it's an iconic logo that they like. If it is for any singular purpose, perhaps we'll see something out of Capcom in the days or weeks ahead.