Update: Please see the official statement from EA and DICE concerning the temporary removal of real money transactions from Star Wars Battlefront II.

Original: According to a series of tweets from various members of the gaming industry, EA may be readying to remove the ability to purchase Crystals using real money from Star Wars Battlefront II. Crystals being the currency that are used to purchase loot boxes that everyone is up in arms about. This first started with a tweet from Jason Schreier about 30 minutes ago.

Simply put, this would mean that the only way to earn loot boxes, Star Cards, and other various unlocks is through playing the game. What a novel idea.
Rumors swirling that EA is about to pull an Xbox One...

This was then followed up by an independent tweet from Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstmann.
It would appear that the ability to purchase crystals with real money has been removed from Star Wars Battlefront II.

There were other tweets sent out that seem to echo these findings.

If EA does indeed make a statement on this soon, I'm sure we'll have the details.