WBIE released a new trailer today for Middle-earth: Shadow of War. With the game already out, that can mean only one thing. Yes, it's a trailer that talks about the game's Expansion Pass content.
Slaughter Tribe Nemesis ExpansionOutlaw Tribe Nemesis ExpansionBlade of Galadriel Story ExpansionDesolation of Mordor Story Expansion

The Expansion Pass for Shadow of War will go for $39.99 (USD). The Pass is included already in the $99.99 Gold Edition of Shadow of War. The first three pieces of content listed will go for $14.99 each, while The Desolation of Mordor Story Expansion will be $19.99 if purchased separately.

WBIE also notes that there will be "periodic free content updates" that will be made available to everyone, regardless of the version of the game you own.