[ATTACH=CONFIG]15747[/ATTACH]If you were bold/excited/dumb enough to back Mighty No. 9 at the $60 tier (or more), chances are you did so with the hope that the physical box that it promised would be a neat collector's item. At the time, nobody really knew that the game itself would be a stinker or that it would be delayed for as long as it was, but you still had hope.

The game's release came and went and the truth about its quality was made evident but those backers at the $60 or more tier still awaited the arrival of their "physical game box." Well, it's been about a year since release and those physical game boxes are finally hitting backer's hands and man, did they ever get screwed over.

Here is what one thrilled customer received in the mail today.

To be fair, the reward did simply say "physical game box." They never said it'd be assembled ahead of time, nor did they say it would include a physical copy of the game. You get a box. You get an empty box. You get an empty box that you need to put together yourself that you paid $60 for.

Mighty No. 9 really is the train wreck that just keeps on "giving." Do keep in mind that the "$60 or more" "physical game box" edition had nearly 7,300 backers. An additional kicker to all of this is the fact that those who hit the $250 or more tier got a second physical game box as part of their reward. There were 2,858 backers in this tier. In fact, the Kickstarter page makes it sound like all of the upper tiers received the boxes. We're talking about thousands of backers that put in tens, or hundreds, or even thousands of dollars into this and part of their reward comes packaged with a note that says "some assembly required."