Come July 4, Watch Dogs 2 will be graced with the largest free multiplayer update ever. To be frank, I didn't know that the game had any updates to its multiplayer previously, so calling it the largest probably isn't any sort of stretch. Huh, according to the Ubiblog, the game has actually received five free updates and has three DLC releases. Who knew? Regardless, this update will include new missions, weapons, outfits, vehicles, map locations, and modes for the online multiplayer.

Perhaps the biggest update inclusion will be the addition of the four-player Party mode.

In addition to this, Watch Dogs 2 will have a special in-game event that runs through July. This event includes fireworks displays popping off over the city. It will also change the paintball gun so that it shoots red, white, and blue paint pellets. America, fuck yeah!


Not in the States? I'm assuming you will still get to see the fireworks and get the paintball colors, but who knows.

('Murica image via MKGraphics on DeviantArt)