Those in attendance at today's Destiny 2 reveal event have noticed that Bungie is being very careful with what they're saying about the PC release of the game. First off, we already know for certain that the game is exclusive to the Battle.net Launcher. Yes, I said "Battle.net" because even Blizzard called it that during today's presentation. This is in spite of the fact that it was renamed to the Blizzard Launcher some months back. Yep, it kind of sucks that it's not on any other digital platform.

Secondly, we know that Destiny 2 on the PC will support 4K resolution, an uncapped framerate, full mouse and keyboard support with key remapping, text chat, adjustable field of view, and 21:9 support.

At least that stuff sounds good, right?

What we thought we knew was that it was coming out on the same day as the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the game. Whoa now, not so fast! That might not be the case at all now.

According to Geoff Keighley, the PC version of Destiny 2 is "coming soon." Bungie was very careful to avoid saying that it was coming out on September 8 with the other versions. Keighley continued on to say that Bungie is "committed to doing the PC version right, (with) more news (coming) down the road on release date."

So fans are looking at a potential delay on the PC version of Destiny 2 and having it be exclusive to the Battle.net Launcher. "Disappointing" doesn't even begin to describe that situation.