Yesterday, Gearbox announced a super controversial partnership with G2A, a "grey market" retailer of PC game keys. The partnership had G2A being an exclusive retailer of some special editions of Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition. Man, the Internet was pissed. G2A is notorious for their shady business practices so to see a fairly large studio like Gearbox actually partner with them was kind of beyond the pale.

Cut to today where Gearbox is now threatening to kill the partnership with G2A unless they make some substantial policy changes. Oh, this is just delicious. Gearbox issued a statement to Kotaku saying that they will terminate the partnership unless the following changes are made at G2A.

Bulletstorm is out tomorrow on Steam. We are literally less than a day away from release (16 hours from this post according to Steam). Nothing quite like waiting until the last minute to demand sweeping changes to policies.