A new trailer for Prey came out today called "Typhon Research" and it shows off some of the cute and cuddly aliens you will encounter on your adventure.
Something has gone very, very wrong aboard Talos I. What began as an experiment aimed at bettering humanity has turned into a full-on alien infestation by the previously contained entities called Typhon. With a full ecology, the Typhon aliens are more than just shadowy creatures hell-bent on destroying the human race. Now Morgan Yu, who is at the center of these experiments, must fight the invasion in order to save humanity.

Prey is slated to be released on May 5 for the PC, PS4, and XB1 by Arkane Studios. You can learn a bit about the Telepath, the enemy seen in the image above.

A breakdown of a few of the Typhon you will encounter can be read about on the Bethesda website.