There is an upcoming multiplayer technical test for Titanfall 2. Fans should be happy because it will give many people a chance to "demo" the game ahead of release as well as provide important information to the developers for final fixes and tweaks.

The problem is that this test will only be on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, and not on the PC. Why? Vince Zampella breaks it down.

For those that are still left scratching their heads, it simply seems as though they aren't ready to test the PC version yet. With the PS4 and XB1, all of the hardware is typically identical across the two platforms, which makes testing the things they're looking for much easier.

Oh, plus they're also worried that PC users will data mine the hell out of the test files, which is probably a legitimate concern.

While not officially dated just yet, it seems as though the test may begin as soon as this weekend for console owners. It's also rumored to be open to everyone that is interested in playing. That's certainly one way to do a crash course in server stress testing!