Ahead of the official price announcement comes the leak that the virtual reality device, the HTC Vive, will run you $799 (USD) when it's released in early April (2016). That puts the price of the device at a cool $200 more than its nearest competition, the Oculus Rift.

And cue the outrage!

The difference here is that the SteamVR powered HTC Vive comes with two "Lighthouse" base stations that use lasers to more accurately track movement throughout a room. The bundle also includes two actual motion tracking controllers and two games, Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption. The Oculus Rift will release their motion tracking controllers later this year. The Vive also includes a front facing camera that will allow the user to "see" in front of them while still wearing the device. Some outlets have also mentioned that being able to make virtual phone calls is also a selling point for the Vive.

When it comes down to it, based purely on what is being offered as far as the included technology is concerned, the Vive is as good or even a better deal than the Rift. Once you factor in the lack of a front-facing camera and having to purchase the motion tracking solution separately, the prices will certainly be more comparable. And yes, I'm certainly eating my hat (not really) after saying that the price of the Oculus Rift was "high."

The third major player in this first surge of virtual reality devices, PlayStation VR, does not yet have a price.

(via UploadVR)

Update: HTC released their official announcement of the Vive, including some additional details and an "introduction" video for the device.