Blizzard tossed up a splash page for Overwatch that shows three different retail versions of the game (PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One) that will soon be offered up for pre-order. The game is slated for release on June 21. How much will this retail release run you? Well, some have said that their GameStop stores are asking for $40 (USD) for this Overwatch: Origins Edition release. Others have said that they were able to pre-order for closer to $60.

What's in the box? We're not sure outside of the game obviously being included. Many have speculated that Blizzard was going to offer the game with a free-to-play model in mind. They could still do that for digital releases. This physical retail release may include the game alongside $40 worth of micro-transaction content. They did something similar with Hearthstone when it had a retail release.

The link found on that page to pre-order does not actually work just yet. We hope to have additional details on this soon. BlizzCon 2015 is this weekend, so we hope to hear more about this in the next day or two.