Forget what you know about Destiny, because on September 8, the 2.0 patch is out and it changes almost everything. This includes Weekly Strikes, Nightfalls, PvP, and more. The latest Bungie Weekly Update has some details on those particular changes that are coming next month.

Luke Smith shares some of what fans can expect.
NightfallWeekly Heroic StrikesWeekly PVP Ritual
Nightfall was built as a ritual experience for groups of three players in PVE. In Year 1, we didn't have a good weekly ritual experience for PVP players.

Once players have completed the PVP Intro chain on Lord Shaxx, they receive access to the Weekly PVP quests on Lord Shaxx and the PVP Quartermaster.

Each week, Lord Shaxx has a Bounty called "The True Meaning of War." Completing this Bounty each week (which requires completing the PVP weeklies) grants players Nightfall tier rewards.

Daily Heroic/Daily PVP
It's important to us that Destiny remain compatible with real life. Playing multiple characters can sometimes feel like a job or a chore, the Daily Heroic and Daily PVP often felt that way. So we increased their rewards and made them an account completion. We want players to choose which characters they want to play on and earn Legendary Marks on.

It will be very interesting to see how those who do not own The Taken King content will be able to enjoy some of these new features. The Taken King is due to be released on September 15.