Take-Two revealed today that they have hit a $1.27 billion second quarter, thanks mainly due to the sales of Grand Theft Auto V. GTA V has shipped nearly 29 million units around the world since its release and has already surpassed the total sales of Grand Theft Auto IV in just six weeks.

Also significantly helping Take-Two were the 7.5 million units of Borderlands 2 that have been shipped to retailers and consumers. That makes Borderlands 2 the best selling 2K Games title of all time.
In a post-earnings conference call, Take-Two executives also touted the success of its entire line up, not just Rockstar's latest. The company said that Borderlands 2 has now shipped 7.5 million copies and counting, putting it on track to become the best-selling 2K Games release of all time. Additionally, Take-Two stressed that its last four major releases--NBA 2K14, Grand Theft Auto V, BioShock Infinite, and Borderlands 2--have all posted franchise-high units shipped numbers in comparable time frames after release.

(via GI.biz)