Valve has been working with Epic to get Easy Anti-Cheat working on Steam Deck.
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Valve continues to address some outstanding concerns concerning the Steam Deck. One of those issues is the fact that some of the most popular anti-cheat services didn't exactly play nice with Proton or the Steam Deck. However, thanks to efforts by Valve and other major players in the industry, the two most popular anti-cheat services are now capable of playing nice with Proton and the Steam Deck.

Valve has been working with Epic on Easy Anti-Cheat (EAC) and Proton support over the past few months. On Friday, Valve announced that thanks to these efforts, adding Steam Deck support to existing EAC games is a very simple process. This process does not require "updating game binaries, SDK versions, or integration of EOS."

According to the Steam Deck partner documentation, adding support for Easy Anti-Cheat is as simple as changing a single setting, adding some files to a depot, and then publishing an update that contains the new files. There is no need to modify the game executable or anything else.

Support for BattlEye in Proton and the Steam Deck was added in early November 2021. This means that the two largest anti-cheat systems are now ready for use on the Steam Deck. It is up to developers to make a couple of small changes to ensure their games are supported though.