Featuring a new screen, better WiFi, longer battery, and more.
Closeup of the new Steam Deck OLED handheld PC showing a corner of the screen and the top right section of the device.

Last week, Valve announced that a new Steam Deck OLED was coming very soon. Today, the new Steam Deck OLED is here and available for purchase. Those interested in any of the Steam Deck OLED models can make their purchase right now, with immediate shipping.

The Steam Deck OLED includes an HDR OLED screen as its main new feature. However, there are several improvements made under the hood that may not be as immediately apparent to users. The Steam Deck OLED includes a longer lasting battery, faster WiFi thanks to WiFi 6E, improved thermals, and is now 5% lighter than the previous non-OLED model.

Tech focused channels like Digital Foundry and Linus Tech Tips took a look at the Steam Deck OLED ahead of today's launch. The better screen was nice, of course, but the real surprise came with the improved battery life. Valve claims that the battery can last up to 50% longer (depending on use case) and testing by these channels showed that yes, that is indeed the case. The improved battery life seems to come from a combination of the new OLED screen, bigger battery, and a die shrunk processor.

The Steam Deck OLED is available in three different offerings: 512GB, 1TB, and 1TB Limited Edition. Valve is also still offering the 256GB LCD model if you are looking for a less expensive option. The 64GB and 512GB LCD models are also still available, but only while supplies last.

Our new lineup introduces Steam Deck OLED in two storage options, and offers Steam Deck LCD models at a lower price:
  • Steam Deck 256GB LCD: Now $399
  • Steam Deck 512GB OLED: $549
  • Steam Deck 1TB OLED: $649
  • Steam Deck 1TB OLED Limited Edition (translucent colorway): $679 (US/Canada only)

While supplies last:
  • Steam Deck 64GB LCD: Now $349
  • Steam Deck 512GB LCD: Now $449
In addition, the Docking Station is now $79.‚Äč
Those of you in Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and Hong Kong should check out KOMODO for purchase options.