Farewell LCD, hello OLED.
A photo of the front of the Steam Deck OLED, showing the new screen and controller like buttons and grips.

Valve announced a refresh of their Steam Deck hardware today. Beginning on November 16th, you will be able to purchase the Steam Deck OLED in one of a few different configurations.

The Steam Deck OLED is mostly the same as the original model but with a few key updates. First and foremost is the move to an HDR OLED screen, replacing the LCD screen used in the first generation of the hardware. Also updated in the OLED model is a longer lasting battery, faster WiFi, and "a slew of tweaks and improvements across the board."

The Steam Deck OLED will be offered in two different storage options: 512GB and 1TB. There will also be a 1TB OLED Limited Edition sold, but only for those in North America. That Limited Edition includes a translucent case design that looks freaking rad. The first four images below show off photos of the Limited Edition.

With these new OLED models, Valve is discontinuing a couple of the first generation Steam Deck models: The 64GB LCD and 512GB LCD. These will be available only while supplies last.

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New Steam Deck Options
  • Steam Deck 256GB LCD: Now $399 (effective immediately)
  • Steam Deck 512GB OLED: $549
  • Steam Deck 1TB OLED: $649
  • Steam Deck 1TB OLED Limited Edition (translucent colorway): $679 (US/Canada only)

While supplies last (prices effective immediately):
  • Steam Deck 64GB LCD: Now $349
  • Steam Deck 512GB LCD: Now $449

We're also now offering the Docking Station at $79.

Additional Steam Deck OLED details:
  • HDR OLED display designed from the ground up for gaming
  • 30-50% longer battery life
  • Faster downloads with Wifi 6E
  • Improved thermals, and 5% lighter than the Steam Deck LCD models​