Yet again, Steam has hit another new milestone. The online distribution platform had over 18.5 million people logged in at one time yesterday. This is not only a new record for the platform, but it's a new record by a long shot. The previous record was a decent amount under 18 million people.

The record was hit on Saturday, January 6 around 10AM (ET). Just a few months ago the top concurrent users logged in count was 15 million. It's seen a relatively steady increase of about a million additional users each month since.

The exact peak found 18,528,722 people logged at once. Do keep in mind that not everyone had to be playing a game at that time, only logged into Steam. At the same time yesterday, Playerunknown's Battlegrounds reached a new peak player count of 3.17 million people. However, the game only managed to hit a paltry 3.03 million players today. Clearly, the game is dying.