Because Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is now 99% crate opening and skin wagering (at least if Twitch streams are anything to go by), tonight's update for the game includes a new Chroma 2 Case, more weapon skins, and a fix or two.

Changelog for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for April 15, 2015

- Fixed a bug that affected crouched movement speed.

- Added the Chroma 2 Case.

- Fixed a bug where a spot in Long A had the wrong radar name.

What are these new Chroma 2 Cases? Well, they're cases that "has a chance at a rare knife with one of the six finishes featured in the original Chroma Case." A screenshot of those knives can be seen below.

It also seems to feature new skins for every other weapon. A few examples can be seen below with more examples found at the Counter-Strike blog.