These past few days, you may have seen some of the teams running away with an easy victory. Many speculated there was some event rigging going on either by the community, by Valve, or by both. It turns out that the rigging was all done on the community side and Valve is now working hard to combat the obvious rigging. Instead of jolly cooperation, Valve wants you to go for the throat.

Valve no doubt benefits the most when teams are equally competitive as it drives everyone, not just one team, to purchase cards and craft badges.

Those from the Reddit and Steam communities that were working together on this in previous days called themselves "Team White." Many of them are a bit upset at this dramatic turn of events, going so far as to cry foul when Team Red apparently broke the agreement that would let Team Purple win today. Needless to say, there is now a battle between Team Red and Team Purple. However, most people don't really care.

(via PC Gamer)