What do you know, the rumor was true! Beginning today (rather, beginning 30 minutes ago) and ending on December 3, the Steam Autumn Sale 2013 is here to deliver great savings to you and your wallet.

You're again going to have daily deals and flash sales to keep an eye out on. Daily deals run for 24 hours, while flash sales cycle through every eight hours.

To kick things off, the initial sales include:
Daily Deals
The Walking Dead
Sleeping Dogs
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Left 4 Dead 2
Prison Architect
Rogue Legacy

Flash Sales
Crysis 2
Space hulk
Castle Story
Hammer Watch

Now there are a bunch of sale items that aren't part of the daily deals or flash sales. You can find those by clicking on the sections labeled "Under $5" and "Under $10" on the main page. Many other games are on sale throughout the site that aren't featured on the main page (yet), so browse around! Also, if a game is on sale and isn't a daily deal or flash sale, hold off a bit because it might end up on that list for cheaper later on in the sale.

I'm sure those in Australia are loving the celebration of Spring that Valve included on the main Steampowered page. Here's a hint: Scroll down to the bottom.