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Activision Blizzard Sued by California After Two Year Investigation into Rampant Sexual Harassment

The harassment is so bad it drove at least one person to suicide.

After a two-year long investigation by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, the state has filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard due to the constant sexual harassment that female employees have been subjected to over the years. According to a report from Bloomberg, Activision Blizzard is said to foster a "frat boy" culture.

This culture, left unchecked and unpunished for...

Battlefield Portal Brings Many Eras of Battlefield Together in One Place

Ok, but like, what if we played all the Battlefields?

Battlefield Portal was officially announced today during EA Play Live. Rumors about this mode for Battlefield 2042 have been circulating for a while now, but today the news was officially confirmed. Battlefield Portal is billed as a "community-driven platform within Battlefield 2042 that will let you create and find fantastic experiences made by the series' creative and passionate community."

Players will...

Valve Announces Steam Deck, A Handheld PC Starting at $399

This new device is the first in a new series of handheld PC from Valve.

Back in May 2021, a rumor came out suggesting that Valve was working on a new handheld PC device called the SteamPal. While that is partially true, the one thing that didn't stick through to the end was the name. These devices are officially called Steam Deck and they start at a pretty affordable $399 (USD) MSRP.

Valve says that Steam Deck is a "powerful all-in-one portable PC." It has a...

Japanese Talent Agency to Blame for Lack of Judgment on PC

Sega is unable to reach an agreement with the talent agency.

If you found it weird and annoying that Judgment wasn't coming to PC, you certainly weren't alone. The game was released for the PlayStation 4 in 2019 and came to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and even Stadia in April 2021. At the time, Sega said they had no plans for a PC release.

A little while later, Sega announced a sequel to Judgment called Lost Judgment. This too was also planned for most platforms but...

Battlefield 2042 to Bring Back Fan-Favorite Maps in New Mode

How does Metro, Caspian Border, Wake Island, and more sound to you?

EA held a small stream today in which they talked about some of their FPS games, notably Apex Legends and the upcoming Battlefield 2042. This prelude to the full EA Play Live slated for July 22 provided some fresh details for Battlefield fans today. Notably, we now have confirmation that Ripple Effect Studios is working on a game mode that will bring back some fan-favorite maps from the previous Battlefield installments....
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  • What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

    What is Bitcoin Blackjack?

    When the world is going crazy with cryptocurrency then how can Casinos be untouched of it. With the increase in the popularity of cryptocurrencies in almost every sector, people have also started the use of bitcoins in a mobile casino. Even many casinos have also begun to accept bitcoin instead of cash.

    The rate at which bitcoin captured the European and North American market, it was not at all surprising to see its emergence in the casinos. Nowadays you can easily find a bitcoin...
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  • Phasmophobia's Ghosts Now Haunt You Based on Your Voice

    Phasmophobia's Ghosts Now Haunt You Based on Your Voice

    A fan requested feature is now a reality.

    It was long assumed from Phasmophobia players that your voice played a role in making the ghosts appear, or at very least pinpoint your location when being hunted. While it may have seemed true, it was merely anecdotal that ghosts would appear when you goaded them on with your microphone. That is, it was true until now.

    Phasmophobia developer Kinect Games just announced a new feature for the game's beta build. This update will...
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  • Lucasfilm Games Brand is Making a Comeback

    Lucasfilm Games Brand is Making a Comeback

    Bringing the galaxy together.

    The official Star Wars website announced today that all future Star Wars titles will be under one umbrella. That umbrella is a blast from the past. Lucasfilm Games is now the official identity "for all gaming titles from Lucasfilm, a name that encompasses the company's rich catalog of video games and its eye toward the future."

    Lucasfilm Games also now has dedicated Twitter and Facebook pages that should "deliver breaking news...
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  • All Locations Revealed for Hitman 3

    All Locations Revealed for Hitman 3

    Agent 47, welcome to Argentina.

    IO Interactive has revealed all locations that players will get to travel to in Hitman 3. These locations range from Dubai to Argentina, all of which are their own self-contained playgrounds of mayhem.

    The studio provides a spoiler free look at all of the locations. All you need to do is head here to find out each location. If you just want a list of the locations, you can find that below. ...
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  • Mass Effect Legendary Edition Possibly Coming in March

    Mass Effect Legendary Edition Possibly Coming in March

    According to a new leak, at least.

    A new leak suggests that the long-awaited remaster of the Mass Effect trilogy may now have a proper release date. EA had previously set a release window of Spring 2021 when Mass Effect Legendary Edition was announced back in November 2020.

    Well, a potential leak just revealed that the game may be released in March 2021. This should narrow down the release window considerably. The leak comes from both Shopitree, a store in Singapore, along...
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  • Polish Regulator Investigating CD Projekt Red

    Polish Regulator Investigating CD Projekt Red

    Company could be fined if it can't fix Cyberpunk 2077.

    A Polish regulator, the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, has just opened up an investigation into CD Projekt Red over the current state of Cyberpunk 2077. Specifically, they are investigating into the dismal state that the console versions of the game has launched in.

    This was first reported on by a local Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna (and relayed via PC Gamer). It was then confirmed to PC Gamer...
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  • Mad Catz Announces the New B.A.T. 6+ Gaming Mouse

    Mad Catz Announces the New B.A.T. 6+ Gaming Mouse

    Is it as good as its name is weird?

    Mad Catz, the makers of the OG "this is the controller my friends will use when they play games at my house," just launched a brand new mouse for PC users. It's called the B.A.T. 6+ and is an ambidextrous gaming mouse for our ambidextrous lives. It's got itself a 16K DPI sensor and 2ms response time thanks to the DAKOTA switch. Mad Catz informs us that the B.A.T. 6+ will make you "become the mobile armory." ...
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  • Twitch Introduces 24-Hour Rotating PogChamp

    Twitch Introduces 24-Hour Rotating PogChamp

    Based off of a suggestion from Sean "Day9" Plott.

    The other day, Twitch removed the popular PogChamp emote from their services following several dangerous conspiracy theories from the original inspiration for the emote. At the time, Twitch says that they were going to work with the community to figure out a replacement for PogChamp that people could again enjoy.

    Based off of a suggestion from Sean "Day9" Plott, Twitch may have found their solution....
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  • Stash Size Increase Coming to Fallout 76

    Stash Size Increase Coming to Fallout 76

    *Slaps the roof of the stash box* This bad boy can hold so much junk!

    A new stash limit of a whopping 1,200 pounds is currently being tested on the Fallout 76 test servers. According to Bethesda, this is a part of what they are calling the "Inventory Update." This is probably great news for long time players that have amassed quite the collection of odds, ends, and crafting materials over the past several months.

    Originally, Fallout 76 stashes held a pathetic...
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  • Twitch Bans Donald Trump

    Twitch Bans Donald Trump

    Streaming service wants to minimize the president's ability to cause harm.

    Following an attack on the US Capital by Trump's group of loyal far-right terrorists, President Trump's official Twitch channel has been suspended. This suspension is in addition to a temporary ban on Twitter and an indefinite ban on Facebook.

    A Twitch spokesperson issued a statement about today's ban on Donald Trump's Twitch channel. ...
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  • Path of Exile 2 Likely Coming in 2022

    Path of Exile 2 Likely Coming in 2022

    Playing the blame game.

    Those who have been eager to get their hands on Path of Exile 2 are going to have to wait quite a bit longer. The new sequel to the popular action-RPG Path of Exile has been in development for a while now and will be for a while longer.

    The reason? You guessed it: COVID-19.

    PC Gamer reports on a phone interview conducted with Grinding Gear Games studio head Chris Wilson. The interview includes a bit about how COVID-19 has impacted the...
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  • Monster Hunter Rise Free Demo

    Monster Hunter Rise Free Demo

    Releases tonight on the Switch.

    A free demo for Monster Hunter Rise is coming this evening for Nintendo Switch owners in North America (other regions are coming throughout the month). This hot news was shared via Capcom during the Monster Hunter Digital Event today.

    This free demo, available only on the Switch, will give players their first taste of the latest entry in the long-running franchise. In addition to word about tonight's demo release, Capcom showed off a new...
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  • Hitman 3 VR Gameplay Reveal

    Hitman 3 VR Gameplay Reveal

    Now you can be virtually bald.

    PlayStation VR owners will soon get to experience life as a bald man. Oh, he's also a hitman, namely Agent 47. That's right. When Hitman 3 is released on January 20, PlayStation VR owners will get a chance to step into some deadly virtual shoes.

    To that end, IO Interactive released a new trailer today that focuses on the Hitman 3's virtual reality gameplay. The only ones who will get to experience VR are those with PlayStation VR.
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  • CD Projekt Red Denies 'Developer' Statement Made on Reddit

    CD Projekt Red Denies 'Developer' Statement Made on Reddit

    CD Projekt Red makes an exception to deny a growing rumor.

    CD Projekt Red has officially denied all of the claims from a supposed Cyberpunk 2077 developer that have been making the rounds across a number of sights this past week. Among some of the claims, the "developer" said that a major overhaul of the game was in the works and would be ready around June.

    The mystery person goes on to say that significant parts of the code have been rewritten and that a lot...
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  • Call of Duty: Warzone Update Rebalances Some Key Weapons

    Call of Duty: Warzone Update Rebalances Some Key Weapons

    Get ready for some needed nerfs.

    Some of the best weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone just received some much needed rebalancing today. Specifically, weapons such as the DMR 14, Type 63, Mac-10, and Dual pistols have been hit with the big nerf bat.

    An update provided by Raven Software says that the weapon headshot damage has been decreased and recoil increased in some of these weapon choices. The studio did not provide exact details such as damage numbers or anything else...
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