Watch the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Announcement Trailer

At the end of February, the world was alerted to the fact that Respawn Entertainment (Titanfall, Apex Legends) and EA would reveal a trailer for their new Star Wars title on this very day. It turns out, this scheduled event happened as planned.

Imagine that.

Earlier today the studios revealed the first details and trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order at the Star Wars Celebration that has been going on this weekend in Chicago. This is an original game set in the Star Wars universe and looks to take place after Order 66 was issued. This places the game set shortly...

New 425.31 Nvidia Drivers Bring Ray Tracing to Older GTX Cards

Remember about a month back when we told you that ray tracing was coming to those with non-RTX Nvidia cards? That day has finally arrived. With today's release of the 425.31 drivers, those on 1060 and higher cards can now give real-time ray tracing a spin.

Since all of these older cards lack the special hardware that helps to speed up DirectX Raytracing (DXR) in games, don't expect to have fantastic framerates. However, if you understand what you're getting yourself into, go nuts with it. Just make sure you have one of the following cards, have updated to the 425.31 Nvidia drivers,...

Good News xXEdGeL0rD_420sw4gXx You Can Now Change Your PSN Name Starting Today

If you or xXEdGeL0rD_420sw4gXx would like to change your PlayStation Network name, you are now free to do so starting today. Sony has rolled out the name change feature for PSN to everyone, but there are a few stipulations to all of this.

First off, there will be some games that may not support the fact that you decided to change your PSN name. Sony makes it clear that any and all games that were published after April 1, 2018. They also note that they have not actually tested every single game, so even that might not be 100% true. They at least provided lists of tested ga...

Apex Legends to Soon Start Penalizing Early Leavers

A new feature is in the works for Apex Legends that aims to penalize those players that leave a game prematurely. Last week's 1.1 update for the game briefly introduced a penalty system for those that left a game before their team was eliminated. This feature was quickly pulled for reasons unknown but some additional details on this new mechanic were shared today from Respawn.

Community manager Jayfresh shared some details about what they're working on via Reddit.

Subsequent responses in the thread cleared up a few of the major questions fans of...

Z1 Battle Royale Dropped by New Developer After One Month

Daybreak Games just can't seem to catch a break. Their mess, otherwise known as H1Z1 has been met with another weird twist in its story. It was announced that NantG Mobile, the studio that took over development of the game, has dropped the game and given it back to its original developer Daybreak Games.

H1Z1 is now known as Z1 Battle Royale, but you may also know it as H1Z1: King of the Kill, H1Z1: Just Survive, King of the Kill, or the second iteration of its original H1Z1 name. Included in all of these name changes was the apparent removal of the survival aspect to the game,...
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  • Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer, Battle Royale Coming After Launch

    Battlefield V Multiplayer Trailer, Battle Royale Coming After Launch

    EA and DICE released a new multiplayer trailer for Battlefield V today as part of their E3 2018 showcase.
    A Battle Royale mode was also announced. It will be coming a bit after the game's official release. Single play...
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  • Battlefield V Women "Controversy" - DICE Tells Butthurt Men to Shut Up

    Battlefield V Women "Controversy" - DICE Tells Butthurt Men to Shut Up

    Ever since the Battlefield V reveal a couple of days ago, a bunch of men ignorant of a little thing called history decided to express their ignorance in the best way possible: On social media. They don't seem to realize that women have played important roles in most wars throughout history and World War II is no exception.

    Thankfully, DICE General Manager Oskar Gabrielson knows his stuff and he's someone who stands by his game. Gabrielson took to Twitter today to essentially tell the ignorant masses to shut up and stop being stupid.
    Naturally, those same people that were huffing and puffing...
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  • Battlefield V Details Provided by EA

    Battlefield V Details Provided by EA

    EA has finally sent out the press release detailing the new gameplay elements coming with Battlefield V. Let's see what they have to say about the game following the release of the game's reveal trailer just a short time ago today.
    Battlefield V multiplayer will deliver the most immersive gameplay of the franchise in a sandbox environment that portrays the battles of World War 2, allowing players to feel the force of the fight and truly shape the war as the war shapes them. Players' soldiers can now tow stationary weapons, build fortifications and repair war-torn structures to turn the battlefield to the player's advantage. Whether dragging
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  • Battlefield V - Reveal Trailer, No Premium Pass, Releases October 19

    Battlefield V - Reveal Trailer, No Premium Pass, Releases October 19

    Battlefield V just had its big reveal trailer after about 30 minutes of concept art and talking heads. The game will, as we already kind of knew, take place during WWII. There will be some expanded game modes and more character customizations.

    It's also important to note that DICE and EA revealed that Battlefield V will NOT have a Premium Pass. All post-release maps will be free to everyone. They also said that all unlocks can be earned simply by playing the game.

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  • Leaked Battlefield V Key Art Points Towards WWII Setting

    Leaked Battlefield V Key Art Points Towards WWII Setting

    The big reveal for Battlefield V is *checks wrist where watches normally sit* about IV hours away from airing on Twitch. However, the leaks just keep on leaking. The latest is the reveal of the game's key art for the game. Once more it features a man in a dramatic as hell pose. He's giving someone some serious side-eye as he initiates a pirouette. You can't really tell which direction he's spinning though because the strap flying out from one weapon seems to indicate he's turning to the left. BUT the rest of his body language and the fact that he's looking over his right shoulder tells me he's turning to the right. Which direction is he actually turning? We may never know. Perhaps...
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  • Battlefield V Teaser Points Towards WWII Setting

    Battlefield V Teaser Points Towards WWII Setting

    Earlier today, the official Battlefield Twitter account provided just a tiny little peak at Battlefield V. In the teaser, you see a few things. First and foremost, you see a man saying "shh" but you also see a bit of the game's HUD. The HUD seems like standard stuff for a Battlefield game. But what's that? Are those the flags for the British and German forces? Why yes, I do believe that is the case. Meaning that it's not going to be a Vietnam setting as some people have speculated over the previous few days and will instead be the WWII setting most others figured it would be. It also looks like Battlefield V will have...
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  • Battlefield V Live Reveal on May 23

    Battlefield V Live Reveal on May 23

    Earlier today Battlefield V was officially announced. I mean, we kind of knew there was a new Battlefield game coming, though the name being confirmed as "Battlefield V" is noteworthy.

    I say it's noteworthy because an earlier rumor said that the name would be Battlefield V, which has now been confirmed. The rumor also said that the game would take place during WWII. That has yet to be confirmed. However, given that the leaked image in the rumor utilizes the same color scheme as the official announcement, seen above, it does lend a fair bit of support to the WWII claim. Anyway, back to the news of the day. Though there isn't...
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  • Battlefield 1 Easter Egg Leads to EA Website Suggesting a May 23 Battlefield Reveal

    There has been a long-running mystery still remaining in Battlefield 1. There was a door that came to be known as the "Zombie Door" in Fort Vaux. The door remained locked though you could hear mysterious noises behind it. It took over a year, but players have managed to open up the door using a series of nine switches scattered around the map. When done in a specific order, these switches spelled out "Isolement," the French word for "Isolation." Once opened, the door leads to a small sectioned off room with four bunks. Also in the room are some pipes, valves that could be turned, a painting of a horse, and strange patterns on the wall...
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  • Battlefield 1 Rupture Map Now Available for Free Plus More Coming in the Months Ahead

    DICE and EA continue to do some nice stuff once in a while for their fans. The latest is the release of the Rupture map for free to everyone that owns Battlefield 1. This map was once a part of the They Shall Not Pass expansion.

    But wait, there's more. Yes, there is more free content coming soon.

    Over the next few months, DICE plans on releasing more free content to all Battlefield 1 players. This begins in May with the release of the Soissons map from They Shall Not Pass. June will see the release of a new mode called Shock Operations.
    The mode supports 40 players and sees attackers and defenders
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  • Battlefield V Might Also Have a Battle Royale Mode

    Battlefield V Might Also Have a Battle Royale Mode

    It seems as though Call of Duty: Black Ops IIII isn't the only big AAA FPS to possibly include a battle royale mode. No sir, it looks like Battlefield V may also go that route. I am incredibly unsurprised that EA would have DICE jump onto the battle royale bandwagon right now.

    The latest rumor comes to us from VentureBeat. Their source is "someone with knowledge of the studio who asked to remain anonymous."
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  • Rumor: Next Battlefield Game is Called Battlefield V, Returning to World War II Setting

    GamesBeat managed to get some new information on the upcoming 2018 Battlefield title. Their anonymous sources even provided what looks to be a heavily redacted sceenshot showing off the title screen. As you can see above, the next game will supposedly be called Battlefield V.

    Originally, the next Battlefield game was internally called "Battlefield 2." This has since been changed to what we see here.

    According to their sources, Battlefield V will take the franchise back to World War II, a period that the main franchise hasn't seen since Battlefield 1943. It is with great hope and a fair bit of confidence that,...
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