Huh... 3600 hours isn't a typical military time.
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Throughout the day, a handful of Battlefield-adjacent content creators were sent mysterious messages through their Twitter DMs. They were sent from the official Battlefield account to people like Lirik, Jackfrags, Westie, and DustelBox.

On their own their message is disjointed and incomplete. When put together they paint a picture of a fallen nation, or species, caught up in a war they had no choice but to join. It's weird though, military time usually only goes to 2400 hours as there are only 24 hours in a day. This one? This one goes to 3600 hours. I wonder why.

A cleaned up version of the text was provided on Twitter by @Kristerols on Twitter.

If a teaser like this isn't your style, you may be more interested in checking out these four leaked gameplay screens from the new Battlefield game. Otherwise, you can always wait until June 9th when the next Battlefield is officially revealed.