Two updates coming over the next week.
BF5 Marita

DICE again took to Reddit to explain just what is going on with Battlefield V. Well, they didn't get into too many details, but they did share some bits of information that we should probably know about.

First up, DICE is planning to release the 4.2 update this Thursday. This update will be for both clients and servers. However, no actual changelog has been shared yet. Maybe it'll include the fix for the invisible soldiers that has plagued the game for the past month now. Maybe it will add in enhanced anti-cheat support to combat the ever rising plague of very, very obvious cheaters. Maybe it will break more stuff, who knows!

DICE Community Manager PartWelsh continued on to say that the new map, Marita, will not be released this week as initially suggested. It will instead be released next week. Now, to be fair to DICE, they did say that Marita would be out in July. And looking at the calendar, July isn't over until Thursday of next week, so there is still some time to deliver on that promise.

However, even with Marita coming next week, Conquest players still do not have Al Sundan. That map is still currently only available for the smaller Squad Conquest and Team Deathmatch modes. DICE has yet to fix a visual artificing issue that they discovered on the Conquest variant at the beginning of the month.

PartWelsh says that he will be back tomorrow (Thursday, July 24) to talk about the full update notes in the 4.2 update. He says that he will also talk about what is new, changed, and coming in the 4.4 update. Also, we'll get word on two new Elites coming. Yay?