Coming this July.
BF5 Al Sundan

During EA Play 2019, DICE and EA provided some introductory videos for Marita and Al Sundan (pictured above). Marita will be released this July while Al Sundan will be out on June 27 for Battlefield V.

But then again, we already knew about this.

We have both introductory videos for Marita and Al Sundan below. Two additional maps coming at a date "to be determined" is Lofoten Island and Provance. The final map revealed was Operation Underground, which is slated for October. Yes, this is the Operation Metro set in WWII you've always wanted.

There are other updates coming soon to the game. In September, private games will be added. In August, the max rank will increase to 500 from 50. There will be new rank icons and dog tags to earn. There will also be some changes coming to the Firestorm battle royale mode.

DICE also confirmed that the Pacific Theater begins Fall 2019 with Chapter 5 for Battlefield V. This will include the addition of the factions of the United States and Japan along with weapons (like the M1 Garand) and vehicles appropriate to them. They also confirmed that Iwo Jima is coming back.