Finally, more maps.
Battlefield V Chapter 4

DICE just revealed their plans for the next chapter of Battlefield V. On June 27, Chapter 4 "Defying the Odds" will begin. When Defying the Odds releases it will usher in a new round of fresh content for the game, This includes plans for four new maps released throughout the chapter.

The first day of the new chapter will add in Al Sundan, a new map set in the North African desert. In July the Battle for Greece continues in the map named Marita. August will see the release of two new close-quarter maps, one set in Lofoten Islands and the other set in Provence. To back up a bit, June will also see the release of two new Elites. The Allies will get Norman Kingsley, an "expert rifleman." Germany will get Ilse Schattenwulf, a "quick and precise counter-espionage operative."

And naturally, a trickle of new weapons will be introduced each week as weekly mission unlocks.

A few additional details about Defying the Odds can be found at this new announcement page. Below, we have a new trailer to share with you along with an infographic that essentially reiterated the information I already shared with you above.

Battlefield V Chapter 4 roadmap