Battlefield V Combined Arms delay
According to the multiplayer portion of the Battlefield V website, the co-op focused "Combined Arms" mode for the game will be released after the game's launch.

This mode joins the battle royale mode as being yet another piece of content that won't be ready for Battlefield V's launch on October 19. Hell, for a long time there, it was also rumored that the much discussed Grand Operations mode would also miss the October launch as well, but DICE was quick to squash that piece of misinformation.

You know, and maybe this is just crazy talk here, it is okay to delay the release of Battlefield V. Maybe give it some more time to iron out the bugs? Or maybe to add in... content?

The game is already kind of getting screwed by launching between Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and Red Dead Redemption 2, but to release without some fairly significant pieces of content? Yikes. Big yikes. Maybe even a big OOF. It's cool and all that the post-release content will be free due to a lack of a Premium Pass for Battlefield V, but it's still okay to wait. Just spit balling some ideas there!

Thanks to Battlefield Bulletin on Twitter for bringing this to our attention.