GamesBeat managed to get some new information on the upcoming 2018 Battlefield title. Their anonymous sources even provided what looks to be a heavily redacted sceenshot showing off the title screen. As you can see above, the next game will supposedly be called Battlefield V.

Originally, the next Battlefield game was internally called "Battlefield 2." This has since been changed to what we see here.

According to their sources, Battlefield V will take the franchise back to World War II, a period that the main franchise hasn't seen since Battlefield 1943. It is with great hope and a fair bit of confidence that, unlike Battlefield 1943, this one will actually be released on the PC.

We already know that DICE and EA are working on putting together the reveal trailer for the next Battlefield game. We also already know that the next Battlefield game will be released before the end of 2018.

Beyond that, nothing official is known, including this news. As it stands, this is simply a rumor. Neither EA nor DICE have provided any statement about the validity of this potential leak from GamesBeat.