I'm like 99% sure this isn't a joke.
A screenshot from the remastered version of PO'ed, a FPS from the mid-90s.

Nightdive Studios is known far and wide for bringing some classic 90s titles to modern platforms with modern features and quality of life improvements. The studio worked on modern releases of classics such as Star Wars: Dark Forces Remaster and 2023's fantastic System Shock remake.

Today, Nightdive announced that they're readying the release of "another 90s classic." That game is PO'ed. For those blissfully unaware of this game, PO'ed is a first-person shooter that released in 1995 for the 3DO and in 1996 for PlayStation. You play as a chef who is trying to escape an alien world after his ship crash landed. Weapons include a mix of primitive tools such as a frying pan in addition to futuristic alien weapons. There's even a jet pack that adds some vertical gameplay elements.

PO'ed was originally developed by Any Channel, a studio formed in 1993 from former employees of Sun Microsystems. PO'ed also wasn't very good. Some review outlets praised the game's visuals, and "topsy turvy" level layouts. Others were more sensible and recognized that the game was generally rather dull, with the humor starting out strong but quickly wore thin. One of the enemies in the game is literally a walking pair of ass cheeks that shoots its juice at you (see images below). Having played the game back in the day, I thought the game sucked. Granted, I would have been only 11 years old when it came out for the PlayStation, but I trust my younger self with these sorts of things.

Sadly, this does not seem to be an April Fool joke. A Steam page for PO'ed: Definitive Edition went live shortly after today's Twitter announcement. The release date says that it's "coming soon."

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