New look, same evil SHODAN.
Key art for System Shock remake showing Shodan, the evil AI.

Priced at $39.99 (USD), the System Shock remake is now available on PC via Steam, Epic Games Store, and GOG. This is a full remake of the original 1994 title, brought to you today from Nightdive Studios.

The System Shock remake includes a healthy dose of the original game's gameplay mechanics and level design. New in this release are HD visuals, updated controls, all-new sounds, new music, and a modern interface. There are also some new enemies added, various quality-of-life adjustments, revamped hacking systems, and a combat system that lets you dismember your foes.

Console versions of System Shock are still coming, but not today. Expect more on those releases in the near future.

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A legion of hostile and mutated creatures — created and controlled by the delightfully villainous SHODAN herself — await players as they make their way through Citadel Station's all-new areas, flexing their puzzle-solving skills and hacking prowess to reach new sectors of the station.

Players will also encounter traps, puzzles, and secrets in their pursuit of (hopefully) defeating SHODAN once and for all. A combination of stealth, cunning, and futuristic weaponry will be required to survive. When the System Shock remake arrives, players' puzzle-solving and survival skills will be put to the test.

Nightdive Studios worked closely with many of the members of the original System Shock team, including the voice of SHODAN, Terri Brosius.​