Embrace the Vampire lifestyle in May.
Screenshot from the vampire survival game, V Rising.

After about two years in Early Access, the vampire survival game, V Rising, will soon be fully released. The 1.0 PC release of the Stunlock Studios developed title will take place on May 8. The PlayStation 5 release of V Rising will take place later in 2024.

V Rising is a survival game where you are a vampire. As you may safely assume, survival in V Rising includes all of the usual "survival game" staples but you're also going to need to feed on blood and also deal with vampire hunters and others that want you dead. There will be plenty of open world adventures for your vampire that includes base building, optional co-op gameplay, and even some competitive multiplayer.

Within just two months of its Early Access release, V Rising hit 1.5 million copies sold. Estimates place current owners at anywhere from 3.7 million to over 4 million. It saw an all-time concurrent player peak of 150,645 and still regularly sees about 4,000 people playing at any given time.

On Steam, V Rising is currently sitting at a "Very Positive" rating from players.

A full changelog for the 1.0 update has not yet been provided. Hopefully we will see a list of changes, additions, and improvements coming in the 1.0 release as that May 8 date comes closer.