Plus a free weekend is now live.
Art showing agents aiming at each other with the words Deceive Inc. Operation Overhaul shown.

Sweet Bandits Studios just released the new 'Operation Overhaul' update for Deceive Inc., their spy-focused multiplayer FPS. This update is all about tackling a bunch of the community feedback offered for the game. This includes quality of life improvements and a good deal of changes to the combat.

The full patch notes for Operation Overhaul are extremely long. The changelog is so long and so full of reference gifs and images that only the highlights for Operation Overhaul are presented below.

Before you dive in to all of those changes, you may be happy to hear that there is a free weekend underway right now for Deceive Inc. This free weekend runs from February 29 through to March 4 for PC via Steam, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X|S. This free weekend also comes with a 60% discount for Deceive Inc., which will let you keep playing after the free weekend is up. This sale price makes Deceive Inc. just $7.99, but only for a limited time.

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DECEIVE INC. ‘Operation Overhaul’ update highlights include:
  • Vault Printers Attract Attention: These new devices bring changes to the gameflow and open up new combat opportunities and reasons to explore the vault! Unlocking golden doors and accessing the objective room now requires spies to bring their 10 intel to one of the new Vault printers, where they can exchange them for a golden keycard. Agents are advised caution, there is a 30 second wait to print a new golden keycard and the process alerts all nearby spies so they can close on the vault printer location.
  • First Aid Vials On The Go: Granting agents more flexibility in the field, players can find first aid vials throughout the maps or purchase them for intel. Each agent can hold a maximum of three at once, restoring 20 health with each use.
  • Combat Improvements: A variety of visual improvements to animations and behind the scenes tweaks to numbers have improved the look and feel of combat from moment to moment. Other mechanics have been added or enhanced including out of cover spy collision, the reliability of melee combat, and the addition of contextual pings to improve team communication.
  • Updated Controller Handling: Improvements to controller experience include remappable inputs, addressing feedback in overall management of analog sticks and a completely new and smarter aim assist system. Players using controllers should find the experience much more flexible and intuitive than before.
  • Strategic Map Enhancements: Maps have received a number of design updates based on player feedback and data to create new combat and stealth opportunities, including team and item spawn reworks. Examples of changes include additional cover opportunities from the vault area in Hard Sell to Diamond Spire’s interior, exterior scaffolding added to Diamond Spire to create high profile escape options, further Silver Reef flow changes to the vault and surrounding themed hotel space, and better visual identity for Fragrant Shore buildings.
  • Private Lobby Sandboxes: With two or more players, agents can now start a private lobby in a new sandbox mode allowing them to experience the full array of weapons, gadgets, expertises, and passives of every spy in the game.
  • Rookie Agent Onboarding: A variety of changes have been made to help beginner agents familiarize themselves with the unique intricacies of espionage. Enemy “spy bots” have been added to the game and will be spread throughout the matchmaking experience, allowing new opportunities to learn the tricks of the trade they’ll need to survive against veteran agents. Opportunities for surprise turnarounds, and some security for players with bad luck in the first phase, have been expanded with the addition of blue keycards to the vault. Do pay attention and try to make it out alive. Only one spy may complete the mission and earn their paycheck, it’s company policy.