This week, on a very special episode of the Official Xbox Podcast...
Xbox logo. "Official Xbox Podcast. February 15, 2024. 12PM PT, 3PM ET, 8PM GMT. or wherever you listen to your podcasts".

That whole "vision for the future of Xbox" is happening this week. Specifically, it looks like it will happen on Thursday, February 15 at 3PM (ET) during a special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast.

Xbox took to at least one of their social media channels to announce that this special Official Xbox Podcast will include Phil Spencer, Sarah Bond, and Matt Booty. These three are the Head of Xbox, President of Xbox, and Head of Xbox Game Studios respectively over at Microsoft. These three are the top of the tops when it comes to decision making for all things Xbox.

The trio will be on the Official Xbox Podcast to discuss "updates on the Xbox business" and whatever that may entail. That may include announcing that Xbox games will be going multi-platform, as has been rumored for a little while now. This may just be a talk about some upcoming first-party titles. Frankly, we do not really know for sure what we can exactly expect to hear during this.

It certainly has an air of being about something rather big given that three of the top brass at Xbox are jointly discussing the topic at the same time. It's also being done through rather unconventional means, but that may be down to the notion they had to quickly move up their schedule following last week's outpouring of rumors and speculation.