This might have something to do with the recent Xbox multi-platform rumors.
White Xbox logo on green background.

Over the weekend several stories came out suggesting that Microsoft was about to reveal their plans to bring select first-party Xbox titles to platforms such as PlayStation 5 and Nintendo Switch. In those recent reports, sources have claimed that Microsoft may bring some first-party offerings such as Starfield, Indiana Jones and the Great Circle, Hi-Fi Rush, and even Gears of War to non-Xbox platforms.

Those same sources also said Microsoft was planning to reveal these multi-platform plans with an event that is expected to take place near the end of February. It just so happens that last night, head of Xbox Phil Spencer took to Twitter to say that there will be a "business update event" coming next week.

The timing of the tweet and the "we're listening and we hear you" message seem to be a pretty clear indication we're about to get some official word on these Xbox multi-platform rumors.

Oh, and before you think about it, maybe don't bother reading the replies to Spencer's tweet above. Some of the takes are just incredibly unhinged. If you thought the console wars or console fanboys were a thing of the past, you thought wrong. Hell, maybe just stop using Twitter entirely if you haven't yet done so.