A release date has officially been confirmed.
A person riding a heavily armed monster creature.

Palworld, better known as the "Pokemon with guns" game, officially has a release date. January 19th is the date where you will be able to catch, battle, and collect (and kill?) a variety of monster creatures known as Pals.

Palworld will launch with over 100 different Pals to collect, a variety of bosses to fight, and will feature base building. You can even have your captured Pals automate some of the work for you on your base. I'm sure that is all voluntary work for the Pals and is not being done due to them being captured and unable to escape your clutches.

The January 19 release date will be for PC via Steam and the Microsoft Store, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One. Microsoft also snatched this one up as a Game Pass title, with that release also happening on January 19 for Xbox and PC. Sadly, this release is only considered to be an "Early Access" release. Developer Pocketpair expects Palworld to be in this early access stage for at least a year.