Gotta obliterate them all.
Screenshot from the monster collecting game Palworld, showing a Pal with a gatling gun.

Palworld is an upcoming open-world survival game where you collect monsters. No, it's not Pokemon but it's kind of like it.

In Palworld players will meet and engage with creatures called Pals. You can do most anything with the Pals you find. For instance, you can capture them and raise them! You can also fight with them. Have some jobs that need doing? Send the Pals to do it for you. You can also sell your Pals off. If you really want, you can just slaughter them for food.

The Pals also have unique traits, stats, and abilities. Abilities like being able to jet around the environments with you on their back! Another one just straight has a gatling gun. Just flat out, a gatling gun.

Palworld is expected to be released into Steam Early Access in January 2024. It says it supports 1-8 players "and more." I don't quite understand how 8 is the upper limit but also include "and more" but here we are. The game's newest trailer, as seen at the Summer Game Fest, can be found below. The trailer includes a look at:
  • Mysterious girls standing in the player’s way
  • A hellfire beast Pal shaking and scorching the earth
  • Mysterious stone statues with the shape of Anubis found in desert
  • Fighting against enormous mammoth-like Pals
  • Capturing many Pals and forcing them to work at your base!

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About Palworld

Mysterious Monsters “Pal”
Mysterious monsters called “Pal” inhabit the world of “Palworld”. Each Pal has individuality, appearance, size, characteristics, and specialized skills. Therefore, you will encounter many different Pals on your journey.

Adventure in a Vast Open World
The world of Palworld is a vast open world consisting of different areas, such as meadows, deserts, snowy mountains, and volcanic mountains. Each region has various species of Pals that adapt to the environment. On your grand adventure, you will encounter landscapes and Pals you’ve never seen before.

Collaboration with Pals
Their abilities and characteristics will be helpful on your journey. For example, a jet-like Pal allows you to move swiftly around the world; a panda Pal with a gatling gun gives you a way out when enemies surround you.

Threats on your Journey
You will encounter other characters with strong Pals on your journey. They have the reasons and the intentions to block your path. Therefore, you should raise your Pals to strengthen your party before fighting against other characters.

Base Building with Pals
Capture many Pals and build the perfect base. Production of items, growing crops, cooking dishes, and generating power can be automated by various Pals specializing in this labor. You can also install weapons around your base to prepare for the siege.

Adventures in Multiplayer
Multiplayer is supported in “Palworld”. You can work together with your friends to go on adventures or defeat them to steal their Pals and items. Exchanging Pals is also possible in Multiplayer.