Nearly 1,800 employees are being laid off.
The logo for Unity, showing a 3D box and the word Unity.

The largest round of layoffs ever to hit Unity is happening this week. After laying off 600 people in May 2023, an additional 1,800 employees are being laid off now. That equates to roughly a quarter of the entire number of people employed at Unity.

These layoffs were first warned about in November 2023 after a "comprehensive assessment" of the company. A new filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) say that the layoffs are being made in an effort to "position itself for long-term and profitable growth."

This is now the fourth round of layoffs to hit Unity just in the past year. This week's layoffs seem to impact all areas of the business across all regions where Unity operates.

Unfortunately for Unity and the employees there that still have a job, this isn't the end. According to a company spokesperson, there will be "additional changes coming." Whether or not this means even more layoffs is entirely anybody's guess at this point.

The layoffs and company reset follow a tumultuous period for Unity.

In September last year, the company tried to impose a new “runtime fee” pricing policy, which charged new fees to its game developers if certain revenue and install thresholds were met. Following a developer revolt and a steep dropoff in share price, the company revamped the new fees.

Following the controversy, then-Unity CEO John Riccitiello retired, and the company appointed former IBM president Whitehurst as interim CEO and president and Sequoia Capital partner Roelof Botha as board chairman.​