The game will have been active for just 45 days when the servers go down.
A bug in a scam of a video game.

The Day Before is the grift that keeps on grifting. On December 7, The Day Before was Released. On December 11, The Day Before developer Fntastic, shuttered their entire studio. Today, December 22, the announcement was made that servers for The Day Before will be shut down on for good on January 22, 2024. That is a mere 45 days after the game was released on Steam.

The server shutdown was announced by the game's dubious publisher investor Mytona. The Day Before was already pulled from storefronts. By the end of January, The Day Before will have been nothing more than a memory.

Mytona says that they have been working with Valve to get refunds to everyone that purchased the game. If, for some reason, you did not initiate a manual refund for The Day Before, Valve will automatically refund the game for you. This is one of those very rare times where Valve has had to issue a full refund to all buyers of a game.

The Day Before was at one point one of the most wishlisted games on Steam. Then, the cracks started to appear. People began growing suspicious of the game when it seemed like the initial trailers were a little too good to be true. Fntastic was accused of ripping off content from other games such as The Last of Us, Grand Theft Auto 5, The Division, and more. The game was delayed several times for a variety of reasons. There were also copyright and trademark disputes as well, including a dispute from a mobile calendar app.

Even when the game finally came out, those that still bought the game even after all of the red flags called out how the game was nothing like what was advertised.

Really, the whole thing has just been a trainwreck from start to finish. It's a fitting end to The Day Before.

(image via BossKronik on Steam)