The Day Before devs share more excuses.
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The Day Before's future is still in question as developer Fntastic (not Fnatic) released another public statement about the whole trademark issue they're contending with. The latest from Fntastic comes to us from Twitter where the studio says that the trademark for The Day Before was picked up for use with a mobile calendar app.

Though not directly stated by Fntastic in their Twitter statement, it seems pretty safe to assume that the app they're talking about is TheDayBefore (D-Day Countdown) from TheDayBefore Inc.

From a quick look at the app, it was first released on to the Google Play Store back in early 2010 while the game, The Day Before, was first announced in 2021. Still, it is possible for both the mobile calendar app and the game to coexist, as far as trademarks are concerned, because they are in vastly different fields and are not competing with one another.

Of course, places like YouTube don't exactly take context into consideration when handling trademark or copyright claims. It seems like videos for The Day Before (the game one) have been struck by YouTube's infamous copyright protection system. Fntastic has shared that at least one of their videos for The Day Before were taken down (allegedly) due to a copyright claim.

Fntastic's recent statement can be read in its entirely below.

Fntastic notes that the app creator "ambiguously offers to contact him [sic] to discuss something, but what?" I dunno, maybe they want to talk about the trademark issue? Call it a wild guess. The final line says, "Power is in the truth," which is just kind of hilarious given the very shady history of this game and of Fntastic themselves.

It's rather clear from what was said in the tweet that Fntastic should both invest in someone knowledgeable about public relations and maybe also look into finally hiring a legal team.