The second Lightfall dungeon is open to Destiny 2 players.
Image of a distant castle built atop a snowy mountain in Destiny 2.

Today Bungie opened the doors to the second dungeon for Destiny 2: Lightfall. The new dungeon, Warlord's Ruin, takes players to a hidden enemy fortress in an effort to secure the bones of a wish-granting dragon, Ahamkara.

The dungeon will reward those that complete it with new rewards such as a new armor set and a new exotic void sidearm, Buried Bloodline. Those that complete this dungeon before June 3, 2024 at 8:59AM (PT) will also be eligible to purchase a special reversible vest, completion pin, and Title pin from the Bungie Store.

Warlord's Ruin is open to everyone that owns the Lightfall + Annual Pass edition of the game. Those who do not own that can optionally purchase the Lightfall Dungeon Key to take on the dungeon.

Warlord's Ruin is also the latest content drop for the newly released Season of the Wish for Destiny 2.

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