The cloth map makes a comeback.
Image showing all of the items you get in the physical release of Baldur's Gate 3: Deluxe Edition including game discs, soundtrack CDs, cloth map, stickers, art, and more.

Larian Studios, the development team behind the super popular Baldur's Gate 3, just announced that a physical Deluxe Edition is coming early next year. Priced at $79.99 (USD), the Baldur's Gate 3: Deluxe Edition will be available for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC.

The PlayStation 5 and Xbox versions of the game will be playable from the discs. The PS5 version will ship on two discs while the Xbox version includes three discs. The PC version will come on a DVD that includes a custom installer and Steam key.

All three versions of the Baldur's Gate 3: Deluxe Edition will come with a soundtrack on 3 CDs, a cloth world map, two fabric patches, 32 stickers, and an art poster. You will also get all of the existing Digital Deluxe content available for the game.

Pre-orders for the physical Deluxe Edition are now open.

“This experiment is what we feel the future of physical media looks like, at least for us at Larian,” said Michael Douse, Director of Publishing at Larian. “We spent the last few months learning how to do it from scratch and put everything we learned from the Collector’s Edition into what we hope is unbeatable value for what we’re considering our standard physical version going forward. If it works out, we’ll keep doing it this way. We understand the value of physical media, and while there are clearly increasingly significant challenges when it comes to the archiving of games, we truly believe it’s worth experimenting, even if it means a fuck-ton of discs.”

Baldur’s Gate 3: Deluxe Edition will be sold exclusively by and restocked on Larian’s dedicated store. It is not a Collector’s Edition, so players needn’t panic if they lose out on the initial batch.

While each version of the Deluxe Edition is scheduled to ship in Q1 of 2024, Larian notes that the release date for the long-awaited Xbox digital version of Baldur’s Gate 3 will be revealed at The Game Awards on December 7.

Available to preorder now, the Deluxe Edition includes a Baldur’s Gate 3 game disc for your chosen platform, packaged within an oversized exclusive game box designed to sit alongside your classic Baldur’s Gate collection.

The Deluxe Edition also includes a wealth of goodies:
  • Original Soundtrack on 3 CDs
  • Cloth World Map
  • Two Fabric Patches
  • Thirty-two Stickers
  • Baldur’s Gate 3 Art Poster

You’ll also receive all existing Digital Deluxe content, which includes the following:
  • Divinity Item Pack
  • Bard Song Pack
  • Exclusive Dice Skin
  • Paintings from Rivellon
  • Adventurer's Pouch
  • Digital OST
  • Digital Artbook
  • Digital Character Sheets

Baldur’s Gate 3 is out now on PC, Mac and PS5.​