Development has shifted to The Chinese Room.
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It lives once again. Paradox Interactive just released a new announcement trailer to re-announce Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2. The game and its development is alive and well here in September 2023. What's more is that there is a new trailer out for this fresh announcement and we're told that Bloodlines 2 will be coming in fall 2024.

To catch you up real quick on the saga of Bloodlines 2, we need to go all the way back to 2019. In 2019, Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2 was announced. Pre-orders were opened at the same time and the game was expected to be out in Q1 2020. In February 2021, we learned that the original Bloodlines 2 developer, Hardsuit Labs, was no longer working on the game. Publisher Paradox Interactive said that they started working with a new studio to finish the game, but they did not say who that developer was. Then in June 2023, refunds started to be offered for Bloodlines 2 pre-orders because the game still wasn't out yet.

Now, on a Saturday of all days, this re-announcement trailer popped up. From it we get a fresh look at the game in action, a new release window, and we see who's developing it. And just who is developing Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines 2? It's The Chinese Room.

The Chinese Room is a development studio best known for developing games such as Dear Esther, Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, and Everybody's Gone to the Rapture. That is to say, they used to lean far more into the adventure style of video game. More recently, The Chinese Room developed the adventure-platformer Little Orpheus for Apple Arcade. The studio also announced a new title, Still Wakes the Deep, during the most recent Xbox Games Showcase. That game is also expected to be out in 2024.

It will be very interesting to see how Bloodlines 2 turns out after all this time and with the change in developers. We will share more information on Bloodlines 2 as it's revealed. There was no press release for this one, at least not yet, since it's literally the weekend.