A sizable multiplayer update is out now for Halo Infinite.
Screenshot of Kusini Bay from a new Halo Infinite update.

A decently sized update just rolled out for Halo Infinite multiplayer today. First and foremost is the addition of Squad Battles. This new mode is like the old Big Team Battle mode of yesteryear. It's an 8v8 mode that includes Slayer and Objective modes in one playlist.

Squad Battle is placed snuggly between the 4v4 modes and the larger 12v12 battles that were already in Infinite. The Squad Battle matches are played out on community made maps that blend together infantry and vehicular combat.

The maps added in the update include Kusini Bay, Vallaheim, and Rat's Nest. The maps should be rather familiar to those who played Halo 3. You can see Kusini Bay at the top of the article with additional images below showing Vallaheim and Rat's Nest respectively.

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