Embrace your inner darkness and raise an army of the dead.
Screen capture of a RuneScape character that is learning Necromancy.

The new Necromancy combat system for RuneScape was given a fresh reveal trailer. Developer Jagex says that this addition of Necromancy is just one of the major updates planned for RuneScape in 2023.

Necromancy is a skill that "is designed for current, returning, and new players" that will let them "embrace their inner darkness." Players will get to control the undead and actually lead a battle against the First Necromancer. This battle will take part across a series of updates in the new RuneScape season. Players will take on enemies throughout Gielinor in order to "perfect Necromancy combat, Rituals, and Runecrafting skills."

More information on Necromancy will be shared during an upcoming developer Q&A via the RuneScape Twitch channel.

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